Easy Domain Transfer

Easy Domain Transfer

No time lost

Any remaining time is added to your 1-year renewal.

Stay online

Experience no downtime when you transfer your site.

Lifetime privacy

Enjoy free domain privacy protection, forever.

How to transfer your domain

Better service, support, and savings in 3 easy steps

1. Complete your check

Enter your domain name into the search bar and make sure it meets our transfer requirements.

2. Prepare it for transfer

Look at your domain type requirements and get your authorization code

3. Submit your domain

Add it to the cart and make your payment. Your transfer will complete within 30 minutes to 6 days.

4 reasons to use our domain transfer service

It’s easy to see why

Easy Savings

Want to save money? You will benefit from some of the best domain transfer rates in the market, savings on your annual renewal purchase, and a Comodo PositiveSSL exclusive offer*. It’s all part of matching great service with savings.

Easy Consolidation

Our domain transfer service makes moving domains stress and hassle-free. There’s no need to juggle separate providers, contacts, and services when you can have everything you need, all in one place.

Easy Management

It’s not just easy to transfer a domain. It’s easy to manage them too. Webhostifier checkout and Account Panel are free of cluttered upsells and complications, making domain management effortless and leaving you to get on with the things that matter.

Easy 24/7 Support

Transferring a domain to another registrar has never been easier! Get help and advice from the experts in our Support Center, whenever you need it. This includes Concierge support during the transfer itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

First, you need to check if your domain meets transfer requirements, then you need to get your authorization code, and finally, submit your domain for transfer. You can find out more information in our article, How to transfer a domain.

The 60-day is an ICANN policy to help prevent domain hijacking when transferring between two registrars. Read more about this in our Canceled transfers article.

If you want to move your domain to another webhostifier account, you can choose to Change Ownership.

Please be aware that domain ownership change is final, and if you want to get your domain back, you must contact the new owner to reverse this action.

It’s easy! Just head to your webhostifier account and follow the instructions on our Transfer statuses article to track your move.

It usually takes between 30 minutes and six days for the transfer to complete. Our blog post How long does a domain transfer take?, has lots of information on domain transfer time.

A transfer request may be denied for various reasons, such as if there is evidence of fraud, a dispute over who the domain registrant is, or if the requirements are not met.