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.INK is a versatile top-level domain name with lots of potential uses including publishing, printing, tattoos, and link shortening with the webhostifier.

People have registered over 40,000 domain names ending in .INK, and Webhostifier is one of the top registrars people use to register the domain extension.

Here are some ways Webhostifier customers use .INK domain names.

Ink (as in publishing)

Ink is a common term used to refer to book publishing, periodicals, blogging, and getting press for a company.

One example of this use is author Joseph Holt, who uses holt.ink as a domain name for a website to share his writing and promote his latest book, Golden Heart Parade.

Bridget Pfefferle uses her .INK domain in a similar way. Rather than settle for a long domain that’s difficult to spell, Bridget registered bridget.ink. She uses it to showcase her services for billboard design, product brochures, web copy, and more.

Ink (as in printing)

Another great use for .INK is companies that print things.

Napkins.ink prints customized napkins and coasters. Customers buy its custom-printed products for weddings, store use, Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, and other special occasions. Napkins.ink is an easy-to-remember domain that explains exactly what you’ll find on its website.

Main Avenue prints vinyl banners and screen-printed printing, and also helps with online design such as graphics. It uses the domain MainAvenue.ink.

Ink (as in tattoos)

Tattoo lovers frequently refer to tattoos as “ink”, and .INK is a great domain name choice for tattoo artists.

Darkstar Tattoo & Design in Vancouver, Washington is a tattoo studio that takes advantage of this domain extension. It uses darkstar.ink to promote its studio and artists.

Link shortening is popular when sharing content on social media. .INK domains make a great domain hack that forms the word “link” at the end?

.INK is perfect for this. One Webhostifier customer set up rgal.ink for her link shortener. RGA are her initials. This enables her to create branded short links that point to the content on her main website.

Ink (as in you)

Is .INK right for you? It’s a great domain for publishers, writers, bloggers, printers, tattoo artists, and more. Even if you don’t fit in these categories, .INK might be a good choice for you.

Search for available .INK domains at Webhostifier and find your next domain.

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